Huawei, proveedor líder a nivel global de soluciones de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones, se ha comprometido a crear valor añadido para sus clientes, mediante productos y soluciones que operan en más de 170 países, dando servicio a más de un tercio de la población mundial. Combinando tecnologías de información, tecnologías en base a internet y tecnologías de generación fotovoltaicas, Huawei provee una solución inteligente innovadora, FusionSolar Smart PV Solution, así como inversores con amplias aplicaciones en Europa, África, Asia y el Pacífico, etc. FusionSolar Smart PV Solution implica considerar toda la planta fotovoltaica como un producto y hacer mejoras a lo largo de todo el proceso, desde la construcción de la planta fotovoltaica hasta su mantenimiento. De este modo, se puede optimizar la inversión inicial, reducir los costes de mantenimiento, aumentar la generación de energía y, finalmente, aumentar la TIR. La solución FusionSolar Smart PV Solution de Huawei, que se ha presentado como “El mejor rendimiento, operación y mantenimiento inteligente, seguro y confiable”, maximizará, al fin, el valor para los propietarios de plantas fotovoltaicas o clientes de mantenimiento.
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PowerHub is a cloud-based asset management solution that marries rigorous design with flexibility and customization. It’s designed by and for renewable energy professionals to meet their needs, region by region, whatever the energy source. By intelligently centralizing and digitizing project information and connecting to all systems PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities, and insights that have the potential to save businesses money, while decreasing risk.
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SMA America is the U.S.-based subsidiary of global PV leader SMA Solar Technology AG. SMA is a power conversion, energy management and service support provider for residential through utility-scale photovoltaic systems. SMA’s leading range of solar inverters and related technologies spans all power classes and is compatible with all module types, resulting in the largest solutions portfolio in the industry.
SMA is the top-ranked service provider by third-party analysis. SMA’s Solar Asset Management portfolio of services provides developers, EPCs, utilities, and investors with the PV industry’s best financial backstop and long-term plan to maximize system performance. Since launching its plant-wide O&M service in 2013, SMA has been trusted with more than 1GW of commercial and utility contracts.
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EDF Renewable Services is the largest provider of third party O&M in North America. Our O&M team services 45+ different equipment types, and almost 530 solar inverters, which generate over 10 GW of electricity. With 30 years of field service experience, we are the industry leader in O&M services, earning the respect and confidence of our partners and delivering the best possible service and results. EDF Renewable Services offers a full range of services for all phases of renewable energy projects - operations, management, procurement, routine and emergency maintenance, retrofits and upgrades.
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meteocontrol is a technological leader and one of the most innovative service providers in the solar energy sector. The company has supported solar projects for more than 30 years. meteocontrol currently has provided independent technical consulting, weather, and energy services for over 34,000 projects totaling 8.5+ GW of capacity and valued at more than $16 Billion. This foundation of experience and expertise makes meteocontrol a coveted consultancy partner with large-scale national and international projects.
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Inaccess provides innovative centralized management solutions for Renewable Energy and Telecom infrastructures with global presence (in Americas, Europe and Asia), mostly offered on a turn-key basis. With its recent strategic partnership with Draker in the US and a cumulative portfolio of more than 6.5GWp across 4,000+ sites, our technical solutions have established a significant track record.
Our objective is to provide high quality solutions to our clients (Utilities, EPCs, O&Ms, Developers and Funds) for better and effective management of their renewable assets.

In 2014 & 2015, Inaccess with Draker have been acknowledged as: #3 independent monitoring provider for the utility-scale PV segment globally (in MW)

As of end of 2016:
6.5GW worldwide of which 2.5GW are located in the US

Our mission is to help our customers build and operate effectively their valuable renewable assets throughout a mix of state-of-the-art systems, intelligent software and value added services.
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La conferencia y exposición "Solar Asset Management LATAM" es un evento único, anual que ofrece muchas oportunidades para construir y promover su marca a un grupo objetivo concentrado.
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