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Bloomberg New Energy Finance provides unique analysis, tools and data for decision makers driving change in the energy system. With unrivalled depth and breadth, we help clients stay on top of developments across the energy spectrum from our comprehensive web-based platform. BNEF has 200 staff based in London, New York, Beijing, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Munich, New Delhi, San Francisco, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Washington D.C., and Zurich.
BNEF products fit your daily workflow, streamline your research, sharpen your strategy and keep you informed. BNEF’s sectoral products provide financial, economic and policy analysis, as well as news and the world’s most comprehensive database of assets, investments, companies and equipment in the clean energy space. BNEF’s regional products provide a comprehensive view on the transformation of the energy system by region. Bloomberg New Energy Finance leverages Bloomberg’s 15,000 employees in 192 locations, generating 5,000 daily news stories across TV, BusinessWeek, Mobile, Digital and Radio.
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The Chilean Association for Renewable Energies, ACERA AG, gathers more than 130 members including developers, generators and suppliers of products and services, national and foreign, in the whole value chain of the industry of non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE). ACERA seeks the protection of the environment and sustainable development for Chile, through the promotion of renewable energies.
Its mission is to promote a regulatory framework that allows NCREs to compete on equal terms with traditional sources. To achieve this, it is working on three strategic objectives: Promote the generation of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies; contribute permanently to the development of a regulatory framework to encourage the production of NCRE, and finally, to promote the installation of NCRE plants that not only comply with but exceed participation goals established for these energies in the national legislation.
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Founded in 2013, the Brazilian Solar PV Energy Association (ABSOLAR) is a non -profit organization that brings together companies from the entire production chain of the photovoltaic industry in Brazil. ABSOLAR coordinates, represents and defends the interests of its members in the development of the solar PV market in Brazil, while promoting and disseminating the use of photovoltaic solar energy in the country.
GTM Research is the leading market analysis and advisory firm on the transformation of the global electricity industry. We offer customized advisory and consulting services to players across the energy value chain, providing privileged access to our expert team of industry analysts and competitive solutions that guide global strategies.
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LATAM.SOLAR is the Latin America Directory for Solar Energy. On our website you will find here companies, professionals, projects and events that relates to photovoltaic modules, EPC, financing, installers and so on. Official website for one of the largest discussion groups on Solar Energy in Latin America. Photovoltaic Panels (PV Modules), Concentrating Solar Power (CPS) and Thermal.
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Fundación de derecho privado, sin fines de lucro, cuya misión es promover, fortalecer y consolidar el uso eficiente de la energía.
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FuturENERGY is a new concept in technical publications, highly focused on the reader and advertiser with an innovative, vibrant design providing up to date information, a unique bilingual Spanish/English format and a highly effective international distribution.
Dealing with all energy topics from renewables, energy efficiency, smart cities, smart grids, e-mobility, etc and including technical plant reports of great interest, FuturENERGY publishes 10 issues per year, both printed and online.
A totally free digital edition, downloadable and printable, allows greater access to our content and guarantees maximum exposure for our advertisers. In addtion a fortnightly newsletter offers all the up to dates news.
FuturENERGY is going into the future – Are you coming with us?
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Eco-Business is the leading media company serving Asia Pacific’s clean technology, smart cities, responsible business and sustainable development community. Our platforms include the award-winning site, custom publications, research and high-impact bespoke events catered to deepen discussions on sustainability.
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MEDIA PARTNER /// RENEWABLE ENERGY WORLD was started in 1998 by a group of Renewable Energy professionals who wanted their work to relate to their passion for renewable energy. With this passion and the desire to create a long term sustainable business, we have created perhaps the single most recognized and trusted source for Renewable Energy News and Information on the Internet.
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Since 1999, SolarServer with up to 16.000 users per day is the most visited German Solar-Portal. A Monthly average of 210,000 hits, more than 1.5 million pages viewed and persistent top rankings in Google for important keywords demonstrates the attractiveness of the portal.
SolarServer Website
PHOTON is the largest and oldest independent publisher worldwide in the field of solar electricity production. PHOTON’s publications cover the solar world with in-depth, independently researched articles written by our own staff of editors from around the world.
Headquartered in Germany since 1996, we are the most renowned and completely independent solar magazine publisher dedicated to applying a critical approach to journalism. There is a strict separation between our editorial teams and advertising department to ensure a journalistic environment free of the influences of public relations. Our independent reporting is exactly what appeals to our readers.
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RECHARGE is the global source for renewable energy news. We focus is on business, technology, policy and the key players across all the main areas of renewables, including wind, solar, wave and tidal, geothermal, hydro, carbon capture and biofuels. The daring news content is supported by regular features and profiles offering an inside view of the issues and the people that make a difference in the industry.
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Renewables for Mining (r4mining) Facilitates Mining’s Transition to Renewables.
Renewables for Mining helps miners and energy business developers which want to produce efficiently by reducing operational energy costs and mitigating CSR risks thanks to a set of business intelligence metrics successfully proven in appraisal other industrial sectors.
This proprietary technology assist to decision makers through a set of toolS as the r4m KPI, customized management ratios, enhanced departamental dashboards and predictive value models that demonstrate how asset and share values of mining companies fully increase due to the adoption of renewable energies.
Since may 2015, r4mining conducts Renewables and Mining workshops road at Toronto, Johannesburg, London and Santiago de Chile.
R4Mining Website
Desde el año 1916, la Cámara de Comercio Italiana de Chile AG opera en Santiago de Chile para fortalecer las relaciones comerciales entre Italia y Chile. Tiene la misión de promover el intercambio entre los dos Países, ofreciendo un servicio ejecutivo y de asesoría desde sus Oficinas del área comercial, del área comunicaciones y asuntos corporativos del área administrativa y legal. Brinda todo el apoyo que las empresas y empresarios necesitan.
Camara de Comercio Italiana de Chile Website
Solar Business Hub provides an online content publishing platform covering the solar energy market delivering the latest news, daily press releases, upcoming events, company profiles, relevant industry and market reports, job postings and a weekly newsletter, with the aim to promote solar energy and companies and organizations serving and supporting the solar industry worldwide.
Online resources include a global directory of solar companies, a directory of solar industry events, a job board, a solar industry reports library and a press release publication service designed to maximize online marketing exposure.
Solar Business Hub Website
AIE es la asociación gremial chilena, relacionada a la tecnología, en la que participa la industria y la academia, logrando un conglomerado de empresas, universidades e institutos de educación superior que contiene en gran parte, la base tecnológica e industrial requerida para lograr un desarrollo sustentable y de fuerte crecimiento en Chile.
Con 70 asociados, su misión es contribuir al desarrollo de Chile, representando al sector y a nuestros asociados, fomentando la asociatividad, el crecimiento y la innovación tecnológica en las áreas eléctrica, electrónica, automatización y comunicaciones
AIE Website
Engerati is a central destination for delegates from leading global energy events to network, collaborate, share and engage. We provide our members with completely free access to our ever-growing archive of industry news, white papers, case studies, webinars, video presentations, interviews and blogs. Engerati is an invaluable resource to all energy professionals – nowhere else can you get such in-depth information on the global energy industry for free.
Engerati Website
La Cámara Chileno Holandesa de Comercio Asociación Gremial A.G. es una institución creada a fines de 2004 con la finalidad de estrechar los lazos comerciales y culturales entre Chile y el reino de los Pases Bajos. Sus actuales socios constituyen un reflejo de los intereses existentes entre ambos pases, ya que participan en ella desde empresas tales como Rabo Bank, Philips, NextTime Software, LarrainVial, ACCESS, Randstad, hasta personas naturales con interés en la relación bilateral. La Cámara ofrece diversos servicios a sus socios y al público en general, que contribuyen al fortalecimiento de las relaciones entre Chile y los Pases Bajos y a la gestión de negocios de los particulares.
Cámara Chileno Holandesa de Comercio Website