In the run up to Solar Asset Management LATAM, that Solarplaza organizes on the 17th and 18th of October in Santiago de Chile, we held an interview with Powerhub's CEO, Etienne Lecompte.

Powerhub recently started turning its focus on the Latin American PV market, what are the key markets in the region for PowerHub’s expansion strategy?
LATAM is an exciting opportunity for us.  We’ve been working on better strategies to help smaller producers grow, and I can’t think of a better market to work in than Latin America. Having lived in Bolivia and Honduras I have a special attachment to the region, and when you look at the market potential it’s hard to ignore. For us, Chile in particular stands out with its PMGD program. Chile is a definite market leader in our minds. While it’s a small country in terms of population, it’s got about 3/4 of the installed capacity of Latin America.  

What services will Powerhub provide to these markets and how would you describe your approach? What is the target audience for your services?
We are a software only company. So we like to devise solutions that are adapted and relevant to local market dynamics, like the PMGDs and roll out a solution that can make our clients more productive from day 1.

Based on your global experience as a service provider, what would you say are the main challenges you find in the LATAM markets?
LATAM markets for their growth are still relatively unstructured and subject to a lot of government intervention, which means ultimately uncertainty. With the growth of local players and arrival of global players we are seeing that these markets are adopting best practices faster and better than other markets which creates a great foundation for growth.

What are your expectations for the next 5 years regarding your presence in the region?
We expect only to grow not only in Chile but across the region. We are currently taking the steps to localize our software in Spanish for the region, Portuguese is on deck. We see tremendous opportunity in Brazil and Argentina, and with the quality of wind and solar resources there’s no reason for LATAM to explode over the next 5 years.

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"I can’t think of a better market to work in than Latin America"

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